Bylaws to the MELTA Articles of Association,
passed at the AGM of 11 February 2017

I. Guidelines for payments to MELTA Committee members

1. Members of the MELTA Committee will receive a single lump-sum payment of €35 a year.

2. They may receive no further payments to defray any costs incurred in the performance of their duties as MELTA Committee members.

II. Guidelines for reimbursement for attendance at external events

1. MELTA may reimburse members for the costs of attending external events (for example, INTER-ELTA meetings, IATEFL conferences and BESIG conferences).

2. The amount of such reimbursement will be determined by the MELTA Committee on a case-by-case basis, but it may not exceed €400 per person per event.

3. No more than two individuals may receive reimbursement for attending any one external event.

4. No individual may receive reimbursement for attending more than two external events in a twelve-month period.

5. Individuals receiving such reimbursement are representatives of MELTA at the events they attend. Their duties in this capacity include networking with members of other teachers’ organizations, finding speakers for MELTA workshops and reporting on the events in the MELTA News, on the MELTA website and/or at MELTA events.


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