Randy Perry

Born and raised in West Texas, Randy has spent most of his life outside the Lone Star State: in Massachusetts, New York and, since 1981, Munich. Having taught business English for many years, he now translates, teaches English short stories and poems at the Munich VHS and helps organize teacher exchange programs with schools and universities in Ukraine. In his spare time, he also works with refugee support groups. A long-time Melta member, he’s very interested in discovering new ways to learn and teach foreign languages more effectively. 

Member at large
Breda Howe-Helmecke

Member at large and Advertising Coordinator
Joan Walsh

Joan Walsh is from Ireland and works as an English trainer in companies. She enjoys attending workshops and seminars in order to stay abreast of the most up-to-date trends in language-teaching and technology. On holidays, she likes to travel and learn about everything connected with people, culture and language.

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