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Melta Day/A variety of workshops given by Melta members

  • 21 Sep 2019
  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • Gasteig, room 3145, Rosenheimerstr.5


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The day's programme


How to give your learners more autonomy.
Learner autonomy focusses on learning rather than teaching, enabling learners to take
ownership of their individual learning process in the social context of their group or class,
integrating mixed abilities and preparing for life-long learning. Elements of learner autonomy such as choice, communicative and cooperative activities as well as documentation and evaluation can be implemented in any classroom or learning setting and can improve the quality of language learning and motivation of learners.

In this workshop, we will try out different communicative activities and learner-created
materials, experiencing how learners of all ages and levels can take a more active role in the language classroom.
Please bring writing materials, scissors and glue!

Biographical information:
Birgitta Berger
set out teaching English to adults. She has been teaching at Montessori schools in the Munich area since 2000, working with all age groups from kindergarten to exam preparation in Year 9 and 10. She provides in-service training for Montessori language teachers through the Montessori Bildungsakademie/MoBil and the Akademie Biberkor.
Birgitta co-authored the handbook "Englisch lernen nach Maria Montessori" (Herder Verlag, 2016) and is preparing to self-publish her new book “Verben, Zeiten, Aspekte: Englische Grammatik nach Montessori”.

Short coffee break

‘Start-up – Simulation Light’
would like to demonstrate a flexible way to deliver an engaging business English course with maximum output on the part of the learners. The topic which runs through the course is the setting up of a company and the subsequent steps from presenting a business plan to a launch party. The participants make decisions and the trainer’s role is to help with language and to ensure the course flows. I call it ‘Simulation Light’ to have a chance to practise language using published materials.
Biographical information:

Dana Jelinkova
has taught numerous general and business English courses in Prague and Munich and, as a CELTA tutor, enjoys the challenge of training future teachers.

Lunch break: 13:00-13:30


Michael & Nik

"Got a question about using technology in the classroom?”
Maybe you need help making engaging presentations, or
you're not sure how to get textbook audio CDs onto your smartphone.
Well, on MELTA day – 21 September – we'll have a dedicated session for
answering these questions. You can send your tech-related questions in advance to
tech@melta.de and Michael & Nik will provide the answers or just ask them on the day.
(Plus they'll have some bonus tips 'n tricks for you as well.)"

Send your questions to: tech@melta.de

Biographical information:
"Michael Saunders t
eaches various courses at the MVHS and VHS SüdOst –
from A1 beginners to C1 conversation. He gained his CELTA certificate
in 2016, and is gradually shaking off his northern English accent.”

Biographical information:
Nik Granchev,
Melta's web administrator and committee member is originally from
Bulgaria and is always ready to support us with our technical issues.

"I came to Munich 8 years ago to study. I completed my CELTA in August 2018 and have been enjoying teaching ever since. I like to use technology in the classroom to make things simpler and to have more variety in my lessons. I love to travel and meet new people!"

Short break

Voice training with Frances

In this workshop we will  focus on improving voice production and clarity  with techniques used when singing. Hopefully we will also have fun in learning a song together.

Biographical information:
Frances Lucey
comes from Dublin  where she studied Music and French before joining  the Bavarian State Opera Studio to finish her training as an opera singer. She was subsequently a soloist in the National Theatre for 8 years before leaving to join the Gaertnerplatz Theatre where she still sings. In August 2018 Frances completed a Celta course  and now teaches English as well as singing.

We'll wind up the event with a raffle. There will be some wonderful prizes!

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