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    • 13 Oct 2017
    • 14:30 - 17:00
    • Gasteig · Rosenheimer Str. 5

    F581210 Gasteig

    Robert Plant · Gasteig · Rosenheimer Str. 5 · fr 14.30 bis 17.00 Uhr · 13.10.2017 · Gebührenfrei  25 Plätze

    Integrating Technology into the Classroom

    Technology is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. Digital tools are now readily available and can be used alongside our traditional teaching tools. How can we best cater to all the needs of teachers and students, and provide a mix of modern and traditional approaches to teaching? Can we give teachers and students the choice of what they use, no matter how well equipped the classroom is? In this session, we will look at the potential benefits of using technology in class, especially the use of video/DVD clips, and also address what obstacles we might need to overcome to make this a successful learning experience.

    This workshop is kindly sponsored by Oxford publishing.

    Register with Monika Schulze
    089 48006-6259

    • 21 Oct 2017
    • 14:00 - 18:00
    • Gasteig, R3.142 (third floor)
    • 30

    A helpful handbook for all participants on how to work as a freelance teacher in Germany with an informative seminar by Patrick Mustu.  Please click here for more information.

    • 28 Oct 2017
    • 29 Oct 2017
    • Bern, Switzerland

    The 3rd English for Healthcare conference takes place in Bern, Switzerland on October 28 & 29. It's the only event of its kind with research and practice based sessions, workshops and posters dedicated to the teaching and learning of English for medicine and healthcare. This year's keynotes are Professors Jennifer Jenkins, John Skelton and Susan Bosher. 

    The Early Bird rate runs until July 31st.

    Full details of the conference can be found here.

    • 10 Nov 2017
    • 12 Nov 2017
    • Salini Resort, Salina Bay, Malta

    The IATEFL Business English special interest group - BESIG - is holding its 2017 annual conference in cooperation with IATEFL ReSIG in Salina Bay, Malta, from 10-12 November.

    Online delegates and speakers early-bird booking fees from 01 July – 01 September 2017:

    • GBP 85 for IATEFL members
    • GBP 100 for members of teaching organizations who are IATEFL Associates (worldwide offer)
    • GBP 125 for non-IATEFL members

    For full details of the conference, and to register, click here.

    • 18 Nov 2017
    • 10:30 - 13:30
    • Bildungszentrum · Einsteinstr. 28

    F581101 Einstein 28

    Wiebke Heuer · Bildungszentrum · Einsteinstr. 28 · sa 10.30 bis 13.30 Uhr · 18.11.2017 · Gebührenfrei · Nur für MVHS-Dozenten · Anmeldung im jeweiligen Fachgebiet · 14 Plätze · barrierefrei

    LearningApps für Sprachkurse

    Sie brauchen schnell effektvolle und ansprechend aussehende Übungen oder Lernspiele für Ihren Unterricht? Mit dem Autorenwerkzeug „LearningApps“ ist das kein Problem. In diesem Workshop lernen Sie einige Übungen exemplarisch kennen und erfahren, für welche Unterrichtssituation sie sich eignen. Sie wählen passende Vorlagen aus und füllen diese mit eigenen Inhalten. Ihre Übungen können Sie dann speichern und Ihren Teilnehmenden zur Verfügung stellen. Alles was nötig ist, ist ein Internet-Zugang und den haben Ihre Lernenden unterwegs oder zu Hause mit Smartphone, Tablet oder PC.

    Nutzen Sie diese Mobilität!

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    089 48006-6259

    • 24 Nov 2017
    • 14:00 - 17:30
    • Gasteig · Rosenheimer Str. 5

    F581230 Gasteig

    Dr. Briony Beaven · Gasteig · Rosenheimer Str. 5 · fr 14.00 bis 17.30 Uhr · 24.11.2017 · Gebührenfrei für Lehrkräfte der MVHS · € 24.– für Externe, € 12.– für Lehrkräfte anderer Volkshochschulen  20 Plätze

    Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in English

    As teachers we have all experienced the frustration of teaching new vocabulary which is then forgotten or misused by learners. And as learners of other languages we may well have experienced the same difficulty in recalling and correctly using new lexis! In this workshop we will take a fresh look at the principles of L2 vocabulary acquisition, including the roles of deep processing, retrieval, and multiple encounters. We will consider how teachers can help their learners to create productive associations between words and how they can further lexical learning by means of both explicit and implicit vocabulary teaching. Finally, we will address the issue of encouraging learner independence in vocabulary work by examining ways in which learners can select what vocabulary to learn and decide how to learn it. This section will include reference to some useful websites for learners to work on lexis outside class.

    Register with Monika Schulze
    089 48006-6259


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10 Apr 2015 49th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition
14 Mar 2015 Stand and deliver value — or else!
05 Mar 2015 22nd International IATEFL Slovenia Conference
01 Feb 2015 Building a good lesson with Basis for Business C1 with Anne Hodgson
01 Feb 2015 Invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
17 Jan 2015 Film English with Kieran Donaghy
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