Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 21 Using Mind Maps in the English Classroom
Jan 28 MVHS event: Beyond lessons
Feb 03 MVHS event: Make them talk
Feb 10 MVHS event: Read Your Way to Better English
Feb 11 Vocabulary - Short on theory, long on practice
Feb 16 NEWS: Include teachers in the Künstlersozialkasse?
Mar 12 Media Literacy in Foreign Language Education: Digital and Multimodal Perspectives
Mar 12 MELTA in the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Mar 30 Never Give Up oder Eine Frau geht ihren Weg
Mar 31 MVHS event: Teaching English through English?
Apr 01 Mindfulness in the Classroom
Apr 03 IATEFL Glasgow Conference 2017
Apr 28 MVHS event: Teaching the Elderly
May 05 MVHS event: Teachers' Workshop
May 18 Changing perspectives – using animated infographics
May 19 OUP Workshops with Hughes and McLarty
May 31 Business Spotlight Feedback Meeting
Jun 23 MVHS/Klett event: Best practice in a real classroom situation
Jun 24 Brain-Friendly Learning with Mark Fletcher
Jun 24 Reception for the FTDP Eastern European teachers
Jun 26 Workshops held by CELTA-tutors (Monday)
Jun 27 Workshops held by CELTA-tutors (Tuesday)
Jun 28 Workshops held by CELTA-tutors (Wednesday)
Jun 29 Workshops held by CELTA-tutors (Thursday)
Jun 30 Workshops held by CELTA-tutors (Friday)
Jul 01 English Day - The Future of English
Jul 22 Are You Listening?
Jul 22 MELTA Beergarden Social
Aug 25 York Associates Cert IBET
Sep 23 MELTA Day
Oct 13 MVHS/OUP event: Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Oct 21 Launch of Handbook for Freelance Language Teachers
Oct 28 The 3rd English for Healthcare conference
Nov 10 The 30th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference
Nov 11 Andreas Grundtvig: Classroom activities and coaxing language from the environment
Nov 18 MVHS event: LearningApps für Sprachkurse
Nov 24 MVHS event: Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in English
Dec 09 MELTA Christmas Party
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